Cost Protective Orders

Under Section 50B and Section 7 of the Planning and Development Act, provision is made which gives exception to the standard principle that costs follow the event. This is due to the fact that EU directives state that access to justice should be available to all who require it. Consequently, these above sections state that [...]

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The 1997 Freedom of Information Act (FOI), as amended by the 2003 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Act required that governmental departments, the Health Service Executive, local authorities and a range of other public offices publish information regarding their activities. They were also required to make the information they held, which included personal information, available upon [...]

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Habitats Directive

Whenever there should be a proposed development on sites designated SAC (Special Area of Conservation) and SPA (Special Protection Area), a competent authority is required to assess the environmental impact to the site, whether this be adverse or otherwise. It is required by An Bord Pleanala that the selected competent authority must avail of the [...]

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The Quarry Conundrum

This matter concerns section 261A of the Planning and Development Act. As the construction of many Irish quarries commenced prior to 1964, these would consequently have been exempt from having had to obtain planning permission, as was the case with all such developments. However, in order to comply with current-day EU legislation, all quarries now [...]

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